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Benziger_Hospital. The medical facility network is well established in the district with 9 Govt. Hospitals, 16 Primary Health Centres, 47 Mini Public Health Centres in Allopathy, 9 Hospitals, 38 dispensaries in Ayurveda, 3 hospitals and 27 dispensaries in Homeopathy. In addition, there are a number of Allopathic, Ayurvedic and Homeopathic hospitals and dispensaries in the private and co-operative sectors. DrNairsHospital

Community Development schemes have been implemented with great enthusiasm. GovtEye HospitalThese programmes are sponsored/funded by the Govt. of India, the Govt. of Kerala, of jointly by their agencies, with or without the financial support of creadit institutions. The massive poverty alleviation programme IRDP, the programme aimed at improving the quality of life of rural women and children living below the proverty line DWCRA, the programme providing techincal and managerial skills to the rural unemployed youth hailing from the families below the poverty line - TRYSEM, the programme providing opportunities to the educated unemployed youth to undertake self-employment ventures - PMRY, have been extended to all the 13 blocks, of the district. Besides, various schemes are implemented separately for the welfare of the SC/ST population.

District Hospital
Victoria Hospital
Benzigar Hospital, Beach Road
Sankers Hospital,Q.S. Road
Nairs Hospital, Residency Road Ashramam
Upasana Hospital, Q.S. Road
Holly Cross Hospita, Kottiyam

Kottakkal Arya Vaidya Sala, Andamukkom
Jayabgararatham Arya Vaidya Sala, Chinnakkada

Amala Homeopathic Dispensary, Kadappakada
Jyothi Homeo Medical Centre , Hospital Road
Southern Homeo Medicals, R.R.Tourist Home, Beach Road

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